Puma Blue - A Late Night Special

Label: Blue Flowers
Format: HD Digital
Country: UK
Released: 2021
Genre: Live Music

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“The South London songwriter matches murky, twilight sonics to jazz leanings, resulting in something vivid, and true.

A Late Night Special will be shot at Battersea Arts Centre in London, and boasts a full eight piece band - it will be shot by directorial duo CHILD.

Puma Blue comments... “It was difficult to imagine how to represent ‘In Praise of Shadows’ as a live experience without the option to tour - but the opportunity to shoot something special at Battersea Arts Centre seemed really fitting. It’s a venue that was devastated by a fire in 2015 and subsequently restored by a team who consciously left the damaged original structure on show. It felt like a really powerful space for the album to exist in. I was just drawn back to the idea of coming to a place of acceptance with the darker things in your past and recognising them as an important part of your present self..”
directed by CHILD
produced by CHILD studio

production manager - Sinead Solomon
production assistant - Nana Quartey

production designer - Dora Miller
production design assistant - Molly Morphew
production design assistant - Hannah Eccles
production design assistant - Jess Griffin

director of photography - Henry Gill
gimbal operator - Stephan Knight
camera operator - Daisy Gaston
camera operator - Buster Grey-Jung
camera operator - Iona Greaves
1st AC - Mitchell Collins
2nd AC - Iona Greaves

gaffer - Sam Baker
spark - Damien Gray