Pa Salieu - Send Them to Coventry

Label : Warner Music + YouTube
Format: 16mm, Hi-8, VHS + HD Digital
Country: UK
Released: 2020 
Genre : Live Music

For this one off live streamed event, we created a textural 25min screen installation, capturing Coventry through Pa’s eyes - for the performance to take place in front of.

Press :


i-D : What can you tell us about the visuals that will play behind your performance?

Pa Salieu : “It’s visuals of the ends in Coventry: my area, the blocks. It proper went with the performance. It’s something different. The set though… there was a camera on a crane. It was mad. The whole production, I’ve not seen nothing like that before.”

i-D : And the visuals evolve as the mixtape goes on?

Pa Salieu : “Yeah, every track is different. The team went to Cov and met with two of my boys who took them round the whole ends to take visuals of everything. They’re in it and they feel good about it.”
directed by CHILD
produced by Untold Studios

director of photography Karol Jurga
jib operator Dave Emery

35mm stills + VHS by Jono Canning