Contour - New Garden

Platform: NTS Radio +  Carhartt W.I.P.
Format: HD Digital
Country: UK
Released: 2019
Genre: Music Video

"New Garden is a song about conflict and being intentional about the space you inhabit/make for yourself, especially in regards to the relationships you exist in. The work hopes to create a space for the listener to also exist in while they are hearing it. Process wise, it was also an exercise in focus: written, produced, and recorded over the course of a single day, from morning to evening" - Contour

directed by CHILD
produced by CHILD studio + Chantal Adams at NTS
executive producer : Lizzy King

director of photography : Josh Renaut
1st AC : Sonni Rossi
set designer : Mitchell Frank Fenn
stylist : Jake Hunte
hair + make up : Olivia Cochrane
choreography : Grace Nichol
production assistant : Lia Gomez-Lang
editor + film scratching : Tayo Rapoport
colourist : Andi Chu
VFX : Jace Crowley
cast : Sandra Jean Pierre, Tina Otchere, Mina Adala

special thanks : Take2 Films, Kodak Film Lab, On8Mil, Electric Theatre Collective, Alex Rita, Lucky Little Blighters, Belinda Zhawi